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Brain development workshop

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers handle the subjects effectively and efficiently and also make sure that every students gets proper individual attention.
  • Parents are regularly informed about their child’s progress and performance. Parents are free to talk to the tutor directly. Although we encourage regular sessions with the
  • Brain Development Academy strongly believes that the best is yet to come, and is always ready to reach higher levels of excellence in the years to come.
  • Same tutor, a new tutor can also be assigned if the student is not happy with the current tutor.
  • Presentation of the subjects is in a systematic and logical manner to enable the students to comprehend the structure and substance of the concepts.
  • Systematic exploring of syllabus in a scheduled time frame without sacrificing quality and number of classes.
  • Workable strategy and Time Management scheme for exam preparation.

  • Cooperative and supporting teachers for last minute assistance before examinations
  • Concept-driven approach which exposes students to all types of problems asked
  • Special attention to doubts of students and making sure that they understand the basic concepts
  • Regular tests to align the students to the stress and time-pressure conditions to be faced in the actual examinations.
  • We customize each subject learning objectives depending on the learning gaps of the student and plan a lesson structure that would complement their individual needs.
  • Result oriented and dedicated faculty well equipped with knowledge regarding the subjects
  • Continuous Feedback Mechanism in place so as to improve on any shortcomings whatsoever as soon as possible.

Why brain development workshop are important ?


  • 100 % profitable business
  • Resession proof sector
  • Easily earn 50000/- to 1 Lac. per month
  • 100 % guidance
  • consultation will be provided
  • 90 %parents satisfaction

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About us

Genius Brain is a concept with the sole aim to turn a child into a Genius. For this, Genius Brain, in child development since 2005 has introduced and successfully implemented Right Brain Development (RBD) Techniques,Abacus,Brain Gym,Speed math and memory enhancement techniques.    Click To Know More  

what is D.M.I.T.?

The full form of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test. It’s a scientific study associated with a fingerprint and brain lobes. It will help us in understanding unique and inborn personality.Its a type of aptitude test and intelligence test where the level of a person who is taking test is determined    Click To Know More  

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100 % profitable business | Resession proof sector | Easily earn 50000/- to 100000/- per month | 100 % guidance and consultation will be provided | 90 %parents satisfaction |

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